Agency for Transfer and Social Innovation
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Agency for Transfer and Social Innovation

The Agency for Transfer and Social Innovation works in a coordinating manner and across topics and locations. It is responsible for strategic tasks and works in the fields of dissemination, consultation and transformation. Dominic Prüßner and Ariadne Sondermann work for the agency at the EvH RWL. Their common tasks include the establishment and expansion of a network of universities and actors from the social and health care sector as well as civil society. They work closely with the Innovation-Labs at the five locations of the transfer network.

Dominic Prüßner
One of Dominic Prüßner's key areas of expertise is the monitoring and consulting of transfer projects. The focus is also on the continuity of these projects. In addition, he is responsible for the evaluation of transfer activities within s_inn., 0234-36901-459, Room: 1.022

Ariadne Sondermann
One of Ariadne Sondermann's responsibilities is to identify current issues and innovation needs in exchange with actors from civil society, social economy and science. Additional key issues are the development of participatory transfer formats and the conception of events., 0234-36901-462, Room: 1.022