BeWEGt – Guidance for Families with Children with Disabilities
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BeWEGt – Guidance for Families with Children with Disabilities

If a child is disabled or at risk of being disabled, families are confronted with high demand. Many families are not sufficiently aware of the provided support and assistance services. Different counselling and support services have been established. However, there is a lack of effective networking. Moreover, social law benefit regulations do not always match well with one another, so that comprehensive, accompanying and preventive services are rarely provided. This is particularly true for families in disadvantaged living conditions (such as refugee status, migration background).

In Bonn and Bielefeld, good approaches to advising families with a child with disabilities have already been developed. They serve as a basis for a broader analysis and further development of the counselling and support services. The findings are to be processed in such a way that they can be used for transfer to other cities.

 The purpose of the BeWEGt pilot project is to evaluate existing counselling and support services for families with a child with disabilities and to develop them further in the sense of needs-oriented and sustainable participation and support structures. The participatory implementation is intended to ensure a high quality of the evaluation results.

Responsible persons for contact:

Lydia Schmidt M.A., 0234-36901-461, Room: 1.019

Sandra Falkson M.Sc., 0234-36901-454, Room: 1.019

Corinna Bell

Sibylle Meintrup

Project directors:

Prof. Dr. Karin Tiesmeyer
Prof. Dr. Dieter Heitmann