Social Science Shop
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Social Science Shop

The Social Science Shop is committed to the idea of bringing society and science together in order to develop approaches to ecological, ethical, technical or social problems and issues. It is of central importance that actors of civil society determine the research question and are involved in its further process. Thus, problems and research needs should be brought to the Social Science Shop. The projects should be developed together with students and scientists.

The target group of the pilot project are individuals and groups who are threatened by social exclusion and do not have the financial resources for contract research. However, their interest groups are also addressed. The Social Science Shop considers itself as an institution that enables independent research support and deals with research requests from civil society in a participatory way. The results are made available to civil society partners in a barrier-free, application-oriented and publicity-effective manner. The project was established at both universities of the joint project, EvH RWL and KatHO Cologne.

Responsible persons for contact:

Frank Falk (EvH RWL), 0234-36901-107, Room: 1.019
Katharina Vahnenbruck (KatHO NRW)

Project directors:
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Walther (EvH RWL)
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Benz (EvH RWL)
Prof. Dr. Werner Schönig (KatHO NRW)