Social Work (B.A.)
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B.A. Social Work

The study programme Social Work enables graduates to practice professionally in the vocational field of social work. This includes relevant scientific basic knowledge, methodology, theories and models.

The programme comprises a systematic foundation of knowledge about societal contexts, patterns of human behavior, development and perception of people in current social environments. It includes an understanding of professional ethics, enabling the graduates to practice in a socially responsible, reflective and value-oriented way. Graduates have a wide scope of knowledge and abilities which enable them to work in a variety of sectors within the field of social work, and can evaluate and reflect this on the basis of their academic education. The studies train skills and abilities in communication, self-reflection and creativity, as well as presentation techniques.

The study programme includes practice placements of 100 days, which are supervised by teaching staff.

Official Duration of Programme (Standard Period of Study): 3 years / 180 CP (ECTS) (full time)

The course is structured around five levels of learning and contains 22 modules:

  1. Foundation knowledge and levels of understanding (6 modules)
  2. Principles of professional action (2 modules)
  3. Interdisciplinary fields of action (4 modules)
  4. Lifeworld-oriented areas of practice (8 modules)
  5. Professional identity in scholarship and for professional practice (1 module)
  6. Bachelor Thesis