Successful study at the EvH
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Successful study at the EvH

We know that it is a challenge to study in a language that is not one's native tongue. For this reason, the EvH RWL supports international and newly arrived students in their studies at the EvH.

Introductory Week
The introductory week takes place one week before the start of studies in the 1st semester. Students in higher semesters show you around the university and give you all important information. In addition, central departments of the university will introduce themselves, e.g. practice representatives, library, International Office etc. 

Tandem Programme
The International Office tries to find tandem partners for international students. Tandem partners are students of the EvR RWL who will be your contact persons for one semester. For information, please contact the International Office

The EvH RWL offers numerous advisory services for students. You can find an overview of the services offered and how to reach the contact persons here: Counselling services at the EvH RWL (in German)

Study Workshop
Especially for first-year students, scientific work is a challenge. This is where the Students' Workshop supports you: Study Workshop (in German)