he Independent Complaints and Information Bureau for Flight (UBIF)
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The Independent Complaints and Information Bureau for Flight (UBIF)

The Independent Complaints and Information Bureau for Flight (UBIF) considers itself to be an independent complaints department that systematically records problems and abuses concerning the care of refugees that contradict the idea of decent living conditions and social participation. It is a contact point for refugees as well as for volunteers and full-time refugee workers who can contact it anonymously if they wish. By bundling and analysing complaints, structural problems are to be identified and sustainable solutions are to be developed with local actors in a participatory way.

The focus of the UBIF is to improve the living and housing conditions and the participation of refugees in Bochum. In the pilot project, science and committed members of the public work together. It attends to a socially relevant topic and combines legal and social science skills with competences from municipal practice.

The results are processed for relevant civil society groups, social organisations, municipalities and politics. UBIF considers itself as a complement to already existing institutions. In case of positive development, it is planned to establish a permanent offer and to extend it to other cities and regions.

Responsible persons for contact:

Rahua Ijob, Tel: 0234-36901-452, Room 1.020

Monique Kaulertz, Tel: 0234-36901-455, Room 1.020

Neriman Orman, Tel: 0234-36901-460, Room 1.020


Project directors:

Prof. Dr. Daniela Evrim Öndül