Transfer Strategy
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Transfer Strategy

At the EvH RWL the transfer always takes place in two directions – on the one hand as transfer of theoretical knowledge into practical action, on the other hand as taking up social challenges in research and teaching. This reciprocal transfer involves the people affected and is integrated into various networks. With its focus on problems of the social and health care system, the EvH RWL sees the main goal of its transfer strategy in contributing to the development and realization of social innovations.

Illustration: Design of the transfer model

This results in a transfer model which consists of four successive components:

  • preconditions, i.e. resources as well as concepts and strategies,
  • activities, i.e. concrete implemented measures and projects,
  • results, i.e. the immediate results of the activities,
  • consequences, i.e. the indirect, only limited controllable results of activities throughout society.

Results and consequences in combination can be defined as social innovations, provided that all transfer activities of the EvH RWL are aimed at contributing to the solution of important social problems. In particular, they aim to improve the living conditions of people who need support in exercising their fundamental social rights.

As an independent dimension of performance, the transfer at EvH RWL comprises three fields of action:

  • Dissemination, i.e. spreading knowledge into the social field,
  • Consultation, i.e. socially relevant advice on a scientific basis,
  • Transformation, i.e. activities aimed at changing society.

Transfer aimed at social innovation should always be reciprocal. Firstly, the feedback loop in the model ensures that transfer activities are continuously evaluated and improved. Secondly, this feedback loop enables concerned persons to participate, who thereby can contribute their needs and experiences into the transfer. The entire process is integrated in a broad variety of regional and supra-regional networking activities, both in the scientific and non-scientific sector.

Detailed version of the transfer strategy of EvH RWL (only in german language):