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The EvH is a university whose departments all focus and reflect on the problems encountered in the social and healthcare services, the diaconate, and church-based educational work. The EvH has a clear protestant profile. Yet at the same time it promotes cultural diversity. Its high degree of specialisation and its communicative working atmosphere are characteristics of our university.

International contacts are of major importance to the EvH. International orientation and interculturality are two important elements of our university’s profile and two of the special focuses of its work. We greatly value our worldwide academic contacts and we are also engaged in ecumenical dialogue. The EvH regards this as a way of contributing towards “the peaceful coexistence and integration of people of diverse background, religion and culture” highlighted in its mission statement. Multi-faceted globalisation forms the backdrop for this international work. Within the scope of its abilities, the EvH strives to set strategies of mutual understanding and cooperation as alternatives to the merciless face of global competition.

Internationality and interculturality are dimensions of the education for the social professions that the EvH offers. In addition to simply providing direct professional qualifications, the EvH also sees itself as a place where people are educated in living responsibly in the One World. We aim to promote and reinforce a fundamental attitude of global citizenship. Our international academic contacts are a source not only of cultural exchange; they also facilitate knowledge transfer and participation in international research projects. We very much encourage you to get to know the EvH and to discover the great diversity that Bochum and the Ruhr Area have to offer.

This Site offers essential information on the EvH and I hope it will whet your appetite for the professional and cultural opportunities offered by the EvH and its environment.